Entrust us with your work!

Séjour à Biarritz values your property by offering you to guide and support you with the “home staging” process.

  • Make your property more attractive
  • Optimize the profitability of your property
  • Improve the appearance of your apartment
  • Organize the spaces in your apartment


The goal is to promote a property in order to rent it more easily or to sell it more quickly, and at the best price.


The property must appeal to the largest audience in order to project itself into the apartment.


We will define your needs together to be able to offer you our services, as well as our suppliers.

When you entrust us with your property as it is, we will take care of all the following stages:

  • Cleaning

    Make the apartment clean and ready to live in

  • Repairing

    Anything that could be subject to negotiate the price

  • De-cluttering

    To store in order to open the space

  • Depersonalizing

    Everyone should imagine and envisage living here

  • Refurbishing

    To organize furniture in order to facilitate the movement

  • Refurnishing

    To optimize domestic appliances

  • Decorating

    To harmonize the whole property with colours, decoration…

  • Upgrading

    To highlight the assets